EMG (electromyography) records the movement of our muscles. It is based on the simple fact that whenever a muscle contracts, a burst of electric activity is generated which propagates through adjacent tissue and bone and can be recorded from neighboring skin areas. The lower motor neurons are the actual instigators of muscle movement, as they innervate the muscle directly at the neuromuscular junction. This innervation causes the release of Calcium ions within the muscle, ultimately creating a mechanical change in the tension of the muscle . As this process involves depolarization (a change in the electrochemical gradient), the difference in current can be detected by EMG.

Following are the benefits or advantages of ECG :
➨It is highly diagnostic method as it represents data in topographic form.
➨It is highly informative And provide informations such as chest pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain etc.
➨It can detect any silent cardiac condition which could be result of surgery and anesthesia.
➨It analyzes signal from heart and produces result in graphical form.
➨It is safe method.
➨It is inexpensive method.
➨It is easy to perform.
➨The ECG equipments are widely available.
➨Cloud computing has made dta available to remote doctors with minimum time. This saves cost of separate investments in cloud computing infrastructures.

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