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Ordinary MRI scanners are analogue systems. However, at Ebisu Diagnostics, we use a Siemens advanced 1.5T MRI scanner, with digital designed coils. This means our scanner captures MRI signals as close as possible to the body, resulting in faster scans, enhanced image quality and superior comfort for patients. In addition, we have the technological capability and know-how to safely scan people with knee, hip and other implants. Ebisu Diagnostics is the only centre in Bangalore to house 1.5T MRI machines offering enhanced in-bore ambient experience. These technologically advanced scanners allow patients to watch movies during their scan, and reduce claustrophobia by creating an impression of more space and light.


  • Silent MRI produces sound closer to the level of ambient noise in a quiet room, with no compromise on image quality
  • Patients can expect a quieter and pleasant experience.
  • Up to 50% faster imaging with advanced Caipirinha, the next generation application.
  • SYNGO BLADE motion sensitive imaging for excellent results even in non co-operative patients.
  • 3D-CISS for excellent visualization of fine structures like cranial nerves, inner ear, spine etc.

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MRI Scan Centre in HSR layout

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