Thinking of gymming? Start with a health check-up.

//Thinking of gymming? Start with a health check-up.

Thinking of gymming? Start with a health check-up.

There’s a reason why so many gymnasiums have sprung up around you. More and more people are becoming health conscious and want to look their best. Earlier, life was active and the daily tasks ensured enough physical activity; general health was not a matter of grave concern. The present age is characterized by slow-paced work schedules and sedentary lifestyles. For the majority, the only way to undertake physical activity is to follow a fitness regimen at the nearby gymnasium.

Your gym trainer may decide your fitness regime, but give him your medical information, around which he may tailor around your physical requirements. Hence, it is always better to have proper body check-up prior to joining a gym. You will be able to assess your present physical fitness levels and know what to expect. Then you can start shopping for comfortable shoes, fashionable track suits and your favorite music tracks.

Customize your regimen

Gym trainers are experts in the correct physical workout techniques, and in most cases, will give you the routine everyone else follows. However, if he is informed about your general health condition, fitness level and desired goals, he can propose a workout routine that is compatible with your physical parameters. For e.g. the rate of your pulse after walking 5 kilometres, your weight, circumference of the wait and your BMI should all be recorded prior to starting your training.
You will know how much you can strain yourself and how heavy should be your weights. The GP will demarcate your dos and don’ts based on your medical history and present condition. Find different ways to achieve the same goals. If your objective is body building, you can daily concentrate on individual muscles like biceps, triceps and the muscles of the shoulder, thighs. Or you can exercise all muscles in two-day cycles.

Keep it interesting

Your trainer will ask you to start out slowly with lesser physical exertion and gradually increase the exertion. You can also engage in other physical activities like sports or cycling to work and reduce the workout for that day.  Dancing is a very entertaining way to keep in shape. Hiking not only brings you up and close with nature it also a very effective way improve blood circulation and improve your fitness quotient. It is important to listen to your body. If you feel tired too quickly or tweak a muscle, take a break and consult your doctor immediately.

Watch your equipment

When you undergo a complete health check-up, you can have a better idea of the right equipment to work out with. There are various weights and systems, which might be tempting but may not be right for you. For e.g., if you have high blood pressure, certain devices should be off limits for you. Your doctor is the right person to tell you which equipment you can safely use given your general health condition.

Monitor your results

Once you start your gym routine, stick to it. Do not expect speedy results but keep checking your achievements. Sometimes it can be tempting to skip workouts, but you will be faithful to your routine if you see positive results. Whatever your goals, be it weight loss, increasing stamina, body crafting or a acquiring a healthier pulse, your hard work will truly inspire you to achieve still better results.

You may also reward yourself by playing hooky with your instructor or have some extra French fries. Also, making a record of your achievements may drive you harder to stick to your program and enhance it. In fact, the results of the initial health check-up can be used to compare it with your fitness levels after a few months after starting your gym regimen.

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